Architect consultancy


  • technical and technological help and consutalncy
  • investigation of the technical fault of constructions


If You need help and advice by the building don't hasitate to call usl!



Management of constructions.


  • leading of contruction
  • organization of implementation
  • supplying of contructions tools
  • technical and quality controll of construction
  • arrangement of the technical acceptance
  • arrangement of the putting into operation
  • checkig of the quality of the construction
  • making of warranty repairing


We help you to get expert and quality work!



Architect planning


  • planning of industrial constructions
  • planning of flats and buildings
  • planning of family houses
  • making of implementation plans
  • making vision plans


Our qualificated architect team and high level informatical background supply the quality and rapidity of the architect planning.



Preparation of construction


  • making realization documents of construction
  • making timeplan of construction
  • fill out of expert opinons for build
  • budget plannning of investments
  • getting of theoretical building permits


Experienced and practised architect staff are available for the preparation of contruction projects.